Face the world with IC

It is time to be at peace with the fact that you are unable to cure this condition. It’s unfair, of course it is but starting from this level of acceptance puts you in a frame of mind that doesn’t allow for you to feel disappointed when you try your therapeutic remedies, diets or techniques in future and it brings bliss from those attempts that help to relieve your symptoms. While there is no cure, there are the lucky experimenters who are able to reach a remission in some cases. All is not lost. 

You may find that you're thinking of looking into your dietary options. These are very selective and individual, so the elimination process is large. Feel free to visit the Good and Bad Food page. Another thing to keep in mind is physical exercise, because medicine and limited mobility can cause weight gain. Personally, I don't mind this as long as I can help with the moulding of my shape. You can do this too, from the comfort of your own bed. Check out our Exercises page. 

There is a stage of Interstitial Cystitis that is rarely talked about, the dilemma of physical limitation. You may have found peace with your condition and have a way to live with the pain, discomfort and the difficulties it causes; yet if something knocks this out of sync, such as prolonged severe stress or pressure, this can trigger an imbalance and your condition can flare into an impossible flare that doesn't seem to leave at all whilst the contributors are out of your control. For me, a flare is indicated by pain and frequency. During a flare, I have spent over 4 hours sat on the toilet on many occasions, my bathroom decor is like a living room; this story goes for many people with IC and the pain also has the potential to cause immobility. If you find yourself out of work and signed off because the condition is no longer manageable, it’s not in your control enough to live and function as normal, then there are some things you will be required to do and will be responsible for. Below is a checklist to make sure you are doing all you can in the instance that you are unable to sustain a role because of IC.

  • Use the website www.entitledto.co.uk to check what help you can get. You are not guaranteed to be awarded what this tells you, however, you can apply, be completely honest and see if the providers of assistance are willing to help.

  • List your creditors and call each one to tell them that you are now in a vulnerable position, tell of which phase you are at in terms of the help you have requested and alert them to the disability and it's impact. Under the Equality Act 2010, creditors must consider how your Disability has impeded on your side of the contract, and have a duty to consider whether adjustments are reasonable to the circumstance.

  • You may find that you are entitled to Personal Independence Payment, Disability Allowance in the USA, a Disability Parking Blue Badge, a Radar Key or Can't wait card, of course based on your condition. You will be required to prove the impact, which can be shown in these ways.

You will be okay and you will be heard. You can findout the responsibilities of various organisations (Work, Public Authorities, Companies and Contracts) on this website, as well as discrimination explanations.



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