Foods and Remedies

There are a handful or natural remedies that are able to be used in a variety of ways to alleviate IC symptoms. You may have also already found that certain foods have the ability to trigger your symptoms, and the majority of this is caused by acidity of the food. You can try a High Alkaline diet, found HERE.

Remember that we are all on a journey, and the triggers between us are not the same. This is an individual elimination process but you decide where you take your own path.

Some of the foods and supplements below have been found to be helpful for some:

  • D Mannose Supplements

  • Aloe Vera Capsules

  • Essential oils

  • Crystal and Reiki Healing

  • Probiotic yoghurts and drinks

  • Green veggies (Beans, broccoli, all them healthy green things from the ground)

  • High pH bottled water (some are more irritable than other brands)

  • cabbage (pH: 5.20–6.80)

  • beets (pH: 5.30–6.60)

  • corn (pH: 5.90–7.50)

  • mushrooms (pH: 6.00–6.70)

  • broccoli (pH: 6.30-6.85)

  • collard greens (pH: 6.50–7.50)

  • soy, such as miso, soy beans, tofu, and tempeh

  • unsweetened yogurt and milk

  • most fresh vegetables, including potatoes

  • most fruits

  • herbs and spices, excluding salt, mustard, and nutmeg

  • beans and lentils

  • some whole grains, such as millet, quinoa, and amaranth

  • herbal teas

  • fats like olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds

The following have been expressed to be acidic so you may wish to consider a prelief capsule before you munch out:

  • grains

  • sugar

  • gluten

  • certain dairy products

  • fish

  • processed foods

  • fresh meats and processed meats, such as corned beef and turkey

  • sodas and other sweetened beverages

  • high-protein foods and supplements

  • lemon juice (pH: 2.00–2.60)

  • limes (pH: 2.00–2.80)

  • blue plums (pH: 2.80–3.40)

  • grapes (pH: 2.90–3.82)

  • pomegranates (pH: 2.93–3.20)

  • grapefruits (pH: 3.00–3.75)

  • blueberries (pH: 3.12–3.33)

  • pineapples (pH: 3.20–4.00)

  • apples (pH: 3.30–4.00)

  • peaches (pH: 3.30–4.05)

  • oranges (pH: 3.69–4.34)

  • tomatoes (pH: 4.30–4.90)